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a able about abroad across actually add adventure advice afraid 
Africa after afternoon again against age ago agree air airport 
all almost along already also always am a.m. amazing America 
American among an and angry animal another answer any anymore 
anyone anything apple April are area aren't arm around arrive 
art as ask at ate attention August aunt Australia away


baby back bad bag ball band bank baseball basketball bath
be beach beautiful became because become bed beef been before 
began begin behind believe belt best better between big bike 
bird birthday black blue boat body bomb book bookstore born 
borrow both bottle bought box boy Brazil bread break breakfast 
bridge bring brother brought brown build building built bus busy 
but buy by bye


cake call came camera can Canada cannot can't cap car 
card care careful carpenter carry case castle cat catch caught 
CD century chair chance change charity cheer chef cherry child 
children China Chinese chocolate choose Christmas city class classmate classroom 
clean climb clock close clothes cloudy club coat coffee cold 
collect color come comic communication computer concert continue convenience store cook 
cooking cool corner could couldn't country course cousin cover cry 
culture cup curry cut cute


dad dance dangerous dark date daughter day dear December decide 
delicious dentist design desk diary dictionary did didn't die different 
difficult dinner dish do doctor does doesn't dog dollar dolphin 
done don't door down draw dream dress drink drop drum 
during dying


each early earth earthquake easily easy eat eaten effort egg 
eight eighteen eighth eighty either electricity elementary eleven eleventh else 
e-mail Emma encourage end energy engineer English enjoy enough enter 
eraser especially Europe even evening event ever every everyone everything 
example excited exciting excuse expensive experience eye 


face fall family famous fan far fast father favorite February 
feel feeling fell felt festival few field fifteen fifth fifty 
fight finally find fine finger finish fire first fish five 
floor flower fly follow food foot for foreign forever forget 
forgot forty forward found four fourteen fourth France free French 
Friday friend friendly from front fruit full fun future 


game garden gave Germany get gift girl give glad global warming 
go goal good goodbye got grandfather grandmother great green ground 
group grow guess guide guitar gym 


had hair half hall hand happen happy hard has hasn't 
hate have haven't Hawaii he head headache health hear heard 
held hello help her here here's hero hers he's hey 
hi high hill him his history hit hold hole holiday 
home homework hope hospital host hot hotel hour house how 
however how's hundred hungry hurt 


I I'd idea if I'll I'm important improve in increase 
India influence information interested interesting international Internet interview into introduce 
invite is island isn't it it'll its it's I've 


jacket January Japan Japanese job join journalist juice July jump 
June junior just 


keep kept kid kill kilometer kind king knew know known 


lake land language large last late later laugh lead learn 
leave left leg lesson let's letter library lie life light 
like line lion listen little live lives London long look 
lose lost lot loud love low luck lucky lunch 


made main make man many March mask match math May 
may maybe me mean medicine meet Meg member memory men 
message met meter Mike milk mine minute miss mistake mom 
Monday money month moon more morning most mother mountain mouth 
move movie Mr. Mrs. Ms. Mt. much museum music musician 
must mustn't my myself 


name national near necessary need nervous never new New York news 
newspaper next nice night nine nineteen ninety ninth no noon 
north nose not notebook nothing November now number nurse 


o'clock October of off office often oh oil OK old 
on once one only open opinion or orange order other 
our ours out outside over own 


paint paper pardon parent Paris park part party pass past 
patient P.E. peace pen pencil people percent perfect period person 
pet phone photo piano pick picture piece pink place plan 
plane plant plastic play player please p.m. point police pool 
poor popular power practice present pretty problem produce program protect
push put 


question quickly quiet 


rabbit racket radio rain rainy raise ran read ready realize 
really reason receive recycle red reduce remember report respect rest 
restaurant return reuse rice rich ride right river robot room 
round rule run Russia 


sad safe said salad same sandwich sang sat Saturday save 
saw say school science scientist sea season seat second see
seen sell send sent September serious serve set seven seventeen 
seventh seventy several shall share she she's shirt shock shoe 
shop shopping short should show shrine shy sick side sign 
simple since sing singer sister sit situation six sixteen sixth 
sixty size skate skill sky sleep sleepy small smile snack 
snow snowy so soccer sold some someone something sometimes son 
song soon sorry sound south speak special speech spend spoke 
spoken sport spread spring stadium stage stand star start station 
stay step still stood stop store story straight street strong 
student study subject such summer sun Sunday sunny support sure 
surprised sweet swim Sydney 


table take taken talk tall taught tea teach teacher team 
tell temple ten tennis tenth terrible test than thank that 
that's the their theirs them then there these they they're 
thing think third thirsty thirteen thirteenth thirtieth thirty this those
thought thousand three through throw Thursday time tired to today
together told tomorrow tonight too took top touch tour tournament
tower town track traditional train travel tree trip trouble true
try T-shirt Tuesday turn TV twelfth twelve twentieth twenty twice


U.K. uncle under understand uniform United States university until up us 
U.S. use used useful usually 


vacation vegetable very video view village visit visitor voice volleyball 


wait walk wall want war warm was wash wasn't waste 
watch water way we weak wear weather website Wednesday week 
weekend welcome well we'll went were we're weren't we've what 
what's when where which while white who whole who's whose 
why will win wind window winter wish with without woman 
women won wonderful won't wood word work world worry would 
wow write writer written wrong wrote 


year yellow yes yesterday yet you you'll young your you're 
yours yourself 


zero zoo